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Apostles Update Week 24

Dear Friends
Prayer conventions are almost over. Believers are meeting this weekend for the prayer conventions. Don’t miss your opportunity to be in God’s presence.
Ngaone Chipinge – ZOC MSU-Zvishavane Campus
Glory be unto God, in this year of thanking Him, for He honours the covenant He made with His bond servant Ezekiel Guti. ZOC MSU-ZVISHAVANE CAMPUS is just back from her soul winning outreach mission in Ngaone (Chipinge) where our father Ezekiel himself was born and where God first revealed Himself to Ezekiel in 1938. A total of 45 students from ZAOGA ON CAMPUS MSU – ZVISH embarked on this journey to partner with Apostle Guti in fulfilling the great commission of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The powerful and miracle packed outreach commenced on the 2nd of June and ended on Sunday the 10th of June 2018.
The first crusade was held at the same venue in the evening of this 2 June and at Ngaone shopping centre in the days to follow. Attendance at the crusade averaged 50 people a day but despite the powerful word shared and miracles performed at the crusade and also during the door to door visits, a few people gave their lives to Christ in the early days. Once again, God showed His faithfulness, for after a powerful prayer in the bush where God first revealed Himself to Ezekiel (PaDombo), things changed and a total of 82 people received Christ, whilst over 16 were baptised in the Holy Spirit and 5 were water baptised. Glory to the Most High for such a harvest. Teams were also sent to preach in Museye, Toti and Bangwe; far-away assemblies where the miracle-working God of Ezekiel displayed his power. Some of the miracles:
  • A certain girl was instantly healed from a headache.
  • A family was prayed for concerning their son who had left home in 2015 and he came back home from South Africa a few days after the prayer.
  • A young girl had her ear healed whilst the word was still being preached in Museye.
  • Another young girl on crutches was healed from leg pains.
  • An elderly woman was healed from partial deafness.
  • In Toti, a woman was delivered from things that moved in her hands
  • Two ladies were instantly healed from chronic headache.
  • Another lady suffering from back pains was healed.
ZOC Chinhoyi University Of Technology
A team of 60 Evangelists from ZAOGA On Campus Chinhoyi University Of Technology, went to Runene for the end of semester Outreach from 17 to 24 June. Runene is a remote area 85km from Chinhoyi town. We carried out door to door evangelism during the day and crusades in the evening. A total of 527 people gave their lives to Christ during door to door services and crusades. A total of 24 people were baptized in water, with 18 people being filled with the Holy Spirit during Holy Spirit session. Many miracles happened only but to mention a few:
  • Baba Moyo who was blind eversince 1998 had his eyesight restored instantly.
  • Sekuru Moffat who was a crippled was prayed for and was healed immediately.
  • Gogo Chingango who was suffering from breast pain for 4 years was healed.
  • Mrs Mabvumi was healed from leg pains.
  • Many people were healed from leg pains, stomach pains, period pains, back pains and chest pains.
  • Many evil spirits were cast out.
  • People came with their things they used before receiving Christ and were burnt in the open.
Harare Central Province
Deacons from Harare Central Province convened for the Prayer Convention at two centres from Thursday evening to early Sunday morning. Female Deacons were meeting at Baines International Christian Centre while male Deacons were meeting at the Provincial Centre. The various speakers gave life changing teachings, with the main speakers Pastor Verda Tabudirira and Pastor Takesure Kwezekani being used mightily by God. Male Deacons testified that their services were full of fire. The Female Deacons also had a faith clinic. There was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit experienced. Many were laughing in the Spirit full of the joy of the Holy Ghost and it was difficult for the service to end.
In a combined Sunday service to conclude the Prayer Convention, mighty deliverance took place with many Deacons receiving financial breakthroughs, healthy marriages and freedom from ungodly spirits. In total, 263 Deacons attended the prayer service. Many thanks to the Apostles of Jesus Christ for such a vision.
News from around the world
We thank God for a powerful 2018 USA Deeper Life Believers’ Convention in the year of thanking our God. The God of Ezekiel showed Himself mighty in allowing our father and mother, Apostles Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti, to attend the convention. Surely, the God of Ezekiel remembered and honored prayer. On Thursday morning the Servant and Apostle of God met with USA pastors and overseers, stating that he had come to impart spiritual gifts to all and he laid hands on all of them. In the afternoon, Baba and Amai attended the National Council meeting which went on very well. Teaching the leaders, Baba instructed us to preach Jesus through the way we live our lives and exercise self-control when tempted. On the official opening night, Child Evangelism children sweetly led the entire congregants in singing “Happy Birthday, Baba”, to our father.
Some of the highlights of the convention include a powerful counseling and deliverance session for all delegates after Mama Guti had taught from Baba’s book, “Do you want to know what people expect when they come to church?” Many people were delivered from various demonic spirits and now feel free. Others received their healing.
Several powerful speakers, delivered life-changing messages. 6 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. There was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of God imparted spiritual gifts including visible joy and laughter throughout the conference room. Also one of the speakers encouraged people to be planted and get rooted in the church so that they can grow spiritually. Attendance topped over 310 adults and 70 children.
The conference ended on an exciting note with our father and mother shaking hands with all delegates and those who wanted a photo got the opportunity to do so. Everyone left revived and recharged. FIFMI USA has been lifted to another level. There’s great expectancy of what God is going to do through the believers.
St Kitts
As this is a year of thanking God, we would like to thank the God of Ezekiel for what He is doing in the nation of St Kitts. On Tuesday we launched our day session ladies’ prayer which was received with joy and 4 ladies attended. After prayer we had a powerful discussion from the teachings from Dr Eunor’s book, “Ladies Lessons for Home Makers”. We ended with a tea fellowship. On Saturday we had ladies meeting, following the teaching we had on working of talents from our pastor, one of our elders taught us how to sew as a means of working talents.
The Praise and Worship team had a seminar to equip them to be true worshippers. The knowledge became tremendously effective such that our Sunday Service was full of the presence of God followed with powerful testimonies. One of the believers testified that she nearly had an accident had she not listened to the Holy Spirit to call the pastors to pray for her before she left the home. The same believer got a job in a government department after having been prayed for. Glory be to God.
We had a powerful bible study encouraging believers in preparation for the forthcoming Believers Prayer Convention. Healing and deliverance took place in our service. Glory to God. We had 22 people in attendance and 3 children
We are really seeing the God of Ezekiel at work. Please keep on praying for the spirit of oneness in our midst in order for the church to grow.
The church is rejoicing here in Barbados as we witnessed the very first wedding in the church on Saturday evening. There was great joy and the spirit of God was at work. We are thankful to the God of Ezekiel for making this wedding a success.
Sunday service was so good although attendance was greatly affected by the evening wedding. 24 people turned up this Sunday, 2 being children. The church is geared up for the prayer convention and the spirit of seeking God is growing. A riveting word was preached powerfully which saw the congregation in tears repenting before God. Surely God is at work in the lives of His people. Thank you for your continued prayers for us.
We would like to thank the God of our Father Ezekiel Guti for allowing the GOQ (Girls of Quality) here in Malaysia to have a time of prayer, learning the word of God from the Elders as they were equipped with life-changing teaching from our father’s books. They spent the weekend fasting day and night until Sunday and hosted the Sunday Service. We experienced the mighty move of the Holy Spirit and believe a change in the prayer life of the GOQ. The boys and men with be having their weekend in His presence next week. Glory be to Jesus! We thank God for depositing a spirit of prayer in Forward In Faith Malaysia this month of June.
While we celebrated the independence of Madagascar, FIFMI church was chosen as the venue for the National Prayer for the nation. We saw more than 300 people and pastors from different churches converging at our church for two hours. We also had dignitaries from the government and local council at the occasion. Glory to God
Prayer convention: June 2018 prayer conventions were different from last year. This year of the nine leaders we had 7 joining us in prayer and one leader testified having experienced a change in her life. One leader brought a new member to church who gave her life to Christ. This week we did the believers’ prayer convention and we also saw 24 people coming for prayer. Both meetings saw a more than double increase in attendance. Hallelujah!
  • One woman who was troubled with demons which would threaten to kill her every night got delivered and she now sleeps well.
  • A man who had sleepless nights slept well after prayer.
In our Sunday service 4 people repented including one member who had backslidden two years ago. Attendance was 25 children, 50 Adults and 3 Visitors.
We need prayers that our members stay.
Cayman islands
We had a blessed week. 10 ladies attended the Tuesday Prayer Meeting. 7 people attended Wednesday Bible Study. 15 people attended Friday Bible Study and Prayer.
Our Sunday Service was attended by 23 adults and 7 children. We had one visitor. Pastor prayed for the impartation of gifts after the teaching. One lady was baptized after church.
We appreciate Baba Guti and what the God of Ezekiel is doing in these Cayman Islands.
Belize City assembly: We received Overseers Alice and Newman Kuzamba in our nation a few weeks ago. We had Bible study and a ladies meeting which were both very well attended.
The Sunday was a big Sunday, Overseer Newman preached a powerful message and many people were delivered. 51 people attended the service.
We also had a chance to connect with other pastors worldwide in prayer and on the following Sunday 42 people attended.
Punta Gorda assembly: We had a lovely time as we began our month of prayer. It’s been about 2 months now since we launched home bible study on Wednesday nights and it has proven to be very successful, we have a total of 3 cell groups. And they are all fully functional.
We were so happy to have Overseers Newman and Alice Kuzamba with us. Friday we had a good time of prayer where Overseer Newman shared with us and the power of God was present. We had 21 in attendance.
On Saturday we had our women’s meeting with Overseer Alice and our women were empowered with the Word of God. 6 ladies attended
And Sunday we had our big Sunday where we saw the miraculous hand of God so much that even though it was raining from early in the morning to evening, many came out for service. We had 34 in attendance. We had a Barbeque (braai) after and there was great fellowship.
Namibia Western Province
Once again we thank the God of our father Ezekiel, for the great things that He is doing in our province. We held a massive revival from the 22nd to the 24th of June in Walvis Bay with guest speakers, Evangelist Reuben & Pastor Julie Guti of the EGEA Signs and Wonders Now South Africa.
More than 300 people from across our province and from other provinces of our nation came to experience the mighty power of God. 16 people received Jesus Christ. They were used mightily that some situations were called out through Word of knowledge. This included two ladies who were called out by name. We also witnessed a number of practical miracles taking place:
  • A man was totally healed of his arm after months of unbearable pain. He had to remove his jacket to reveal the medical supports that were strapped around his whole arm due to the pain. God instantly healed him.
  • A certain woman was healed after enduring 3 months of severe shoulder pains from stress due to unforgiveness.
  • Another man was healed of shoulder and back pains after 4 years of visiting the hospitals to no avail.
  • A woman was delivered from acute uterus pains that had gone on for the past 10 years in which all her 3 children came through premature births.
  • Another woman who had been feeling stressed and heavy was instantly delivered and felt relieved and very happy.
  • Teachings on forgiveness yielded fruits as many people were set free from bitterness, anger, hatred and unforgiveness.
Indeed, a great spiritual revival swept across our province leaving many totally delivered and healed.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti for giving them supernatural strength everyday. Thanking God for strengthening them through the just ended USA Believers’ Convention. Thanking God for giving them victory over spiritual battles especially even as they prepare for the next Deeper Life Leadership Conferences. Thanking God for giving them wisdom as they continue to set things in order in the different nations. Thanking God for opening doors and providing the required visas to the new nations that Baba & Amai need to go to this year.
  2. Thanking God for giving them strength for the back to back Deeper Life conferences to held in Canada in July and UK in August.
  3. Thanking God that we can find a good private property for the Lighthouse of Mercy and the processing of the account.
  4. Thanking God for giving Baba & Amai the right Chartered Accountant for the International HQ.
  5. Thanking God for a successful USA Believer’s Convention that was held in Dallas, TX USA last weekend. People were set free and souls added to the kingdom.
  6. Thanking God for the Deeper Life Leadership Conference to be held in Toronto, Ontario Canada from July 5-8, 2018 and UAE Women’s Conference to be held in Dubai from July 5-7, 2018.
  7. Thanking God for new Auditorium to be built at AMFCC and the provincial and Zonal centres in Zimbabwe, that hearts are stirred up in working talents.
  8. Thanking God for the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Center to be built.
  9. Thanking God that all the church leaders do their part in the fear of God, according to the vision given to the servant and apostle of God.
  10. Thanking God for visas for long term missionaries and those in the process of being renewed. God is honoring the prayers of the saints.
  11. Thanking God for the growth of our FIFMI churches worldwide and for God to meet their needs.
  12. Thanking God for your nation.
2 Chronicles 20:21
“And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed those who should sing to the Lord, and who should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army and were saying: “Praise the Lord, For His mercy endures forever.” “
They then put the choir in front. The choir was not begging but it was giving God praise with their hearts positioned. What happened?
Verses 22-24 “Now when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; and they were defeated. 23 For the people of Ammon and Moab stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir to utterly kill and destroy them. And when they [a]had made an end of the inhabitants of Seir, they helped to destroy one another.
24 So when Judah came to a place overlooking the wilderness, they looked toward the multitude; and there were their dead bodies, fallen on the earth. No one had escaped.The enemy that had come against Judah began to fight against themselves until they destroyed each other. There was no asking, no begging just thanking God without doubting.”
The enemy that had come against Judah began to fight against themselves until they destroyed each other. There was no asking, no begging, just thanking God without doubting.
Psalm 114:1-8
God made the children of Israel His habitation. What was happening, what did the sea, river and mountains and hills move what happened? The Red Sea fled away, Jordan turned back when they saw the power of God that had dwelt among the children of Israel. It was because of the presence of the Lord God. It was because of the presence of the Lord God of Jacob, the Lord God of Ezekiel.
It was in thanking God, it came to be through thanking the Lord God……(TO BE CONTINUED). God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092

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