Professor E H Guti's

2010 Jubilee Celebration message for 21st century generation...

During the Jubilee Celebrations, Apostle Dr. EH Guti addressed the congregation with a message to usher the people into the next 50 years
We need to thank God who has allowed us to reach 50 years. Young generation, I am escorting you into the next 50 years.  If you want to enjoy the blessings of God, keep what I have said. As I follow Christ follow me as your example. There’s no way you can know where we are going unless you look back and see where we have come from.  I cannot tell you the future unless you look back and see what was the secret for us to be here and for the ministry to be a blessing to many nations. The answer to the question where we are going is to understand where are coming from. I want you to read Jeremiah 6:16.
The method can change to suit today’s people and today’s world but the message remains the same. Jesus Christ died for the sinners. Today, you find very few people talking about death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Unless you take the technology and use it for the kingdom of God, it will control you. If you don’t dominate nature, it will dominate you.
If you really love the Lord and you know there is a good thing in God, it is very important to discipline your body, discipline yourself.  When you practice self-control and deny the things of the world, then you will see the goodness of God. You can read and desire but if you don’t control your body, you become very weak. You cannot fast the flesh away or bind the flesh, you must discipline it. Today people want to be seen by people; people want to be known by people. I am not like that. I have decided to fear God who knows me better than my wife, better than my children, better than my bishops. Fearing God has brought us to the fifty years, not fearing people. Before when people fell in sin, they repented and cried, they did not stand in front of people. Today people pray for power to be seen by people. Why not pray to be seen by God? We must be born again inside of us and have the fear of God inside of us, then the good works will follow. It’s not good to start outside to be seen by people and in the end go to hell.

If you want a better life, think right, talk good things all the time, forgive your enemies all the time. I say to all, please love another. Respect each other. Be a blessing to your nation.


Where it is coming from and where it is going...

Forward in Faith Ministries International was birthed through a Divine encounter, when God appeared to a young man living in the remote area of Ngaone in Chipinge, Zimbabwe. Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti was compelled to seek the CREATOR after a narration by his mother of a message she had heard a preacher preach where she had gone visiting. Though not having access to a preacher or a Bible, Ezekiel had an encounter with God after many days of crying saying, "Creator, if you are there, save my soul." The Lord responded with the sound of sweet music in the air, and an audible voice saying "Fear Not, Sin Not."As God revealed Himself to and through Ezekiel Guti, no one imagined that those experiences would result in a ministry that has now reached over 148 nations and states worldwide. FIFMI (also known as ZAOGA in Zimbabwe and Zambia, and ADA in Mozambique), is one of the most powerful movements in post-biblical Christianity, changing millions of lives through the vision given by God to founder Archbishop Dr Ezekiel H. Guti.
This great movement of the Gospel set its feet in South Africa in the year 1985, landing in Soshanguve. Presently, the church has its national headquarters  located at No. 30 Premier Road, Olifantsfontein, Gauteng and has since spread right across the whole nation of South Africa including the Western Cape Province
Forward In Faith In RSA Western Cape South Province is a branch of this fastest growing Pentecostal movement covering the Southern side of Cape Town City.