Apostles Update: Week 42

Apostles Update Week 42


Dear Friends,

This week:

1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that He gives them supernatural strength on a daily basis. May He give them grace, wisdom and provision for the growing work in Chitungwiza and around the FIFMI world. May God prosper their mission in Chitungwiza

2. Thanking God for the new assemblies that have been born. May God cause the believers to be strong in the Lord and more souls to be added to the kingdom of God. Thanking God for visas for the short term and long term missionaries. May God also open doors for affordable meeting places in a good location.Thanking God that He expedites the registration process of FIFMI Mauritius, Morocco and other nations.

3. Thanking God for the success of the ongoing Youth zonal seminars, that the youths embrace all the teachings given.

4. Thanking God that ZEGU continues to grow as students enroll for the second semester.

5. Thanking God for (Mbuya Dorcas Hospital) MDH that God gives them grace as they continue to implement the vision.

6. Thanking God for the Angel of the Lord that encamps round about those who fear Him protecting the saints around the world from Covid-19 and that those who are infected are completely healed. Thanking God for removing the spirit of fear. May the Holy Spirit comfort those that have lost their loved ones.

7. Thanking God for your nation.


Matthew 7: 3-5 “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”
We need to work on our lives and character before we worry about what others are doing with their character. In our relationships we need to work on ourselves before we expect others to change. Work on changing yourself first rather than waiting for the other person to change. God loves us with our faults and shortcomings, lets learn to love others...... God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,

Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.