Apostles Update

Dear Friends,

Pastor Priscilla Mupangeri (Zimbabwe) on the topic “Forgiveness is Key to Enter the Kingdom of God” defined it as an act of pardoning the offender, to let it go hence creating a positive mantra to counter the painful thoughts. It is to allow God to take you to a new place in life and ceasing to blame. You cannot enjoy the kingdom of God if you are not able to forgive. Unforgiveness blocks our prayers, it is an umbilical cord that connects you to the offender and robs you daily of blessings. She gave testimony of how she suffered from cancer and was scheduled for amputation but when she heard the Word of God on forgiveness and obeyed, she was then prayed for and healed. Our Father Professor Ezekiel Guti always says, “I am the happiest man in the world” not because he gets no offences but because he lives the life of forgiveness. Jesus Christ on the cross is our best example so who are we not to forgive? We need to invite the Holy Spirit to help us. She ended by ministering to those who have developed ulcers, depression and many other conditions due to unforgiveness.

We want to thank God for such a great and exciting week we had. Our midweek prayers continued culminating in the Family Convention which had good attendance. The teachings relating to the family unit were so powerful that believers cried in repentance and there was restoration and revival in families. Indeed, this church is rich, to God be the glory. We also had time to listen to the international Sunday service and incredible deliverance took place. Some believers were testifying saying they played the audios of the message over and over again it was working something new inside them. Praise the Lord.

We thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for His goodness here in Guyana we are meeting for our prayers and Bible study. During Friday night fellowship service one of our believers testified how God restored her marriage which was on the verge of divorce but she said through counselling and prayer from our Pastors her marriage was restored. We give all the glory to God. On our Sunday Service, 2 of our believers and a visitor from New Jersey FIF testified about the goodness and the love they have experienced in Forward in Faith. Continue to pray for us for a place of worship.

We thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for yet another awesome week. Tuesday evening was a powerful evangelistic outreach session. Some of the believers who had backslidden repented and re-dedicated their lives to the Lord. Wednesday Bible Study went well then Thursday evening Leaders met with the new Pastors Newman and Alice Kuzamba to chart our way forward. Friday evening many believers received their deliverance and healing. Sunday Service was powerful, there was powerful worship, Pastor Newman delivered a powerful Word on Repentance and many believers were touched by the Word and led to repentance. Burdens were indeed lifted. The attendance was 44 and we are believing God for a bigger facility for our church and also looking forward to having another branch at another location soon. We thank you for your prayers.

Al Ain- There was joy and jubilation when the new short-term Pastors Carlton and Sidra Mutizwa arrived in our city. We began to witness the mighty hand of the God when pastor Carlton Mutizwa went to Al Khriar district where most of the Emirates taxi drivers live. He had one on one preaching and counselling with 6 taxi drivers from Zimbabwe and he prayed for them. They started by attending our Bible study in our cell groups and 30 July 2021 they also attended their first service, in addition, 4 Pakistanis and 1 Cameroonian national also joined the Al Ain Assembly after our pastors had virtual meetings with them. We now have 11 new people and two souls who gave their lives to the Lord. We continue to see the hand of the Lord, miracles, healing and deliverance in Al Ain with the introduction of the One on One family deliverance, Prayer force service on Sunday evenings, the increase in attendance during Bible studies on Tuesdays and Ladies meeting on Wednesday. A fourth Bible study cell group has been started to cater for some of the new members. Help us to pray that our members don't lose their jobs because of Covid-19 and also that there be more job opportunities in Al Ain for our members not to go to other cities looking for jobs.

We give glory to the God of our father that we continue meeting physically with Covid precautions. We managed to attend our first powerful Friday prayer and there was great attendance of 32 people. On Sunday we had an attendance of 50 people. Pastor Gill continued to preach on importance of prayer, and also taught that this church is built on prayer. People were prayed for, after that we had fellowship. Testimonies were shared during the church services, home visitations and on phone calls:
Firstly, we want to give big thank you to the Missions Office which managed to support us in purchasing furniture for the mission house.
We want to thank God who used a couple who are Elders in Dubai to contribute to our musical instruments by sending us a guitar.
A couple who had misunderstandings for long time, fought and separated, after visiting and praying for them they are living peacefully together with their kids. This was their second Sunday coming to church.
There was a boy possessed by evil spirits and the family thought since Pastor Gill is far, prayer will not work until he lay physical hands on the boy, but after 4 days of sleepless nights the mother gave up and called. The pastor prayed over the phone and God delivered him instantly.
A girl after prayer got a government job as a Christian young lady in the board of education office.
We thank you for your prayers and love. We need lots of prayers for protection and for a church building, it is such a great need because some are stopping to come and worship the Lord since we are meeting in the mission house.

This week we continued to experience the goodness of the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti in Thailand. Our daily prayer services continued smoothly with an average of 9 people attending and weekly bible study 10 gadgets. This Sunday 20 people attended the service and Pastor Sharon taught powerfully on forgiveness, giving her own life as a testimony. One member testified on the power of forgiveness after she had faced a difficult situation which threatened her job. We remain grateful for your prayers and ask that you continue praying for the church to grow and the saints to catch the spirit of the church.
This week:
Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that He continues to give them supernatural strength and protects them daily. Thanking God that He is giving them grace and wisdom and providing resources for the growing work in Chitungwiza and around the FIFMI world.
Thanking God for the progress in the registration process of FIFMI Mauritius, Morocco and other nations. Thanking God for those that need meeting places be able to find something affordable in a good location.
Thanking God that ZEGU continues to grow as students enroll for the second semester.
Thanking God for grace for (Mbuya Dorcas Hospital) MDH as they continue to implement the vision.
Thanking God for the Angel of the Lord that encamps round about those who fear Him protecting the saints around the world from Covid-19 and that those who are infected are completely healed. Thanking God for removing the spirit of fear. May the Holy Spirit comfort those that have lost their loved ones.
Thanking God for your nation.


Carnal or physical things or blessings should not take away our strength or desire to seek God. Whatever we do even if it is building a church, it should bring glory to the name of the Lord.
Some of you are getting hurt or disappointed trying to please Baba & Amai Guti – you need to please Jesus. Do what you can according to your ability, aim to please Jesus.
The work of God is not easy. Be sure you were called by God. If He called you there’s no complaints - you suffer but in joy. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
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