Apostles Update

Mar 23, 2021    Dr Laverne
Dear Friends,

Seke -We are witnessing the great hand of the God of our Father in our Province and zone. Baba and Amai visited our zonal center and now we have managed to drill a borehole. We are now preparing to build the main guest house through the blessing of our Father. Baba & Amai also visited our remaining 3 regions; Seke 10, Seke 7 and Seke 9. Their presence in these churches inspired the churches and testimonies are coming in. Seke 7 had 20 souls who received Christ,
Zengeza - After Baba & Amai just stepped in our current provincial offices, construction of the new provincial office block has began. This is indeed a miracle. With the presence of Baba & Amai, God has released money into our Provinces, construction projects are underway in every place. Glory to God.

Pastor Tapiwa Runyowa (Zimbabwe) was ministering on the topic “Keep on Believing”. He emphasised that true faith is a product of the Word of God. There are situations we face in life in which we need to learn to run to Jesus Christ, where our help comes from. There are situations in life that want you to be shifted from your faith in God but they are not indicators of your relationship with Jesus Christ. The fact that your breakthrough seems to have delayed does not mean God is denying you. Keep your faith. Move away from the bad elements that give you depression. We need to believe the Word of God because it carries our answer. Jesus has come that you have life and have it in abundance. Shift your eyes from the things surrounding you and starting looking to Jesus Christ the Son of living God.

We thank the God of our Father Apostle E. H Guti for His grace continues to abound in Morocco. We had a wonderful Sunday service with an attendance of 33 in person and 5 online. One lady gave her life to Christ. Lives are being transformed through the teaching of the Kingdom of God. The church is also growing in unity as we eat and fellowship together after the service. We had six midweek Bible study groups and prayer meetings with average attendance of 8 adults.

We thank God for a blessed week we had as midweek services continue with prayers. Attendance this week has been low but we thank God we managed to attend the online prayers. Our Sunday service had an attendance of 13 believers. God is great as we are witnessing gifts of the Holy Spirit amongst some believers. We witnessed some walking in the gift of knowledge thus strengthening the church. May you continue to pray for us for more growth in our midst.

Nevis - We have brought back almost all of our weekly activities into the physical church. Ladies Go Quickly meets on Tuesdays and are planning for the upcoming Prayer retreat from March 23rd for one week. Wednesday Bible led by Elder Judy had 6 adults and 4 children attending. Our Men of Integrity group is slowly but surely coming together strategizing with plans for our Men with Outreach Ministry in our community. Sunday’s worship saw a total of 24 in attendance. The encouragement was to make sure our relationship is right with God.

Belize City - We had overseer Zenas and Cathy Marurama at the beginning of March. Saturday leadership seminar with Dr. Zenas was had an attendance of 16. Sunday Dr. Cathy gave feedback from the prayer camp and spoke about character. It was so powerful and anointed. We had representatives from all our 4 assemblies, 36 gadgets logged on while some of our people gathered in one place to follow the service.
The Spirit of prayer continues to flow in our nation and we are seeing miracles. A single lady from Belize city can not stop thanking God for the teachings she has received in this church, while others depend on Government assistance in this pandemic, she has started a restaurant and on top of that, an organization built a house for her and called the pastor to hand over the keys. Many things are happening, we thank the Lord. Hallelujah!

Punta Gorda/Mango Creek -This week we had a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord as we met for our joint midweek services online. We also had a time to train our Deacons with Pastors Victory and Helen Makonese. On Sunday Mango Creek Christian Centre met online with a total of 8 gadgets connected. In Punta Gorda Christian Centre we once again met at the home of a Deacon where we were 14 in the adult service and and 9 in the children's church. Please continue praying that we find a permanent place of worship in Punta Gorda.
This week:
Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that He continues to give them supernatural strength and protect them everyday. Thanking God for wisdom and grace for the work happening in Chitungwiza and the lives that are being transformed. May God continue to refresh them.
Thanking God for giving wisdom in the implementation of the vision at ZEGU
Thanking God that the FIFMI churches around the globe will continue to grow and experience miracles in 2021. Thanking God for the registration process of FIFMI Morocco. Thanking God for those that need meeting places be able to find something affordable in a good location.
Thanking God for His Angel that continues to encamp round about those who fear Him protecting the saints around the world from Covid-19 and that He continues to heal those who are infected. Thanking God for removing the spirit of fear and comforting those who've lost loved ones.
Thanking God for good rains and not floods in this rainy season.
Thanking God for your nation.


Please note we are repeating this series:

Myself I have changed myself 3 times. There was a time I was preaching I was not smiling. Someone told me, “brother you are not smiling when you preach”. I changed and could smile outside while inside crying for a sinner to repent. I could not talk with people after the pulpit. But I changed myself to fit to people, just conversing with people. It is better to believe what people say about you. Your character speaks itself to the people. If I want to be a better preacher in this church I better hear what people say. Never never talk bad about another pastor.....TO BE CONTINUED. God bless you......TO BE CONTINUED. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
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